Participating Employers:

Why Candidates Choose AudaciousYou


You never have to take on debt to join.


We value character over credentials and grit over grades.


We emphasize active, self-directed learning over passive information consumption.


We connect you to customized opportunities based on a detailed profile of your goals, strengths, and preferences.​


We believe growth and success are best accomplished through real experiences with real people in the real world.


We leverage the power of machine learning algorithms combined with human expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Skills for the Future

We focus on skills that leaders around the world agree matter most for the future.


We work closely with employers to understand their needs and increase access to opportunities for our candidates.

Our Inaugural Offering:

AudaciousYou’s inaugural offering is the Future Skills Accelerator which helps you develop skills for the future and connects you to job opportunities at leading employers.

Open to everyone, not for everyone

While AudaciousYou is open to everyone, it is not for everyone. No program or platform can ever prepare you for the future unless you decide to take ultimate responsibility for growth, development, and success – of yourself and of those around you.

And that’s how AudaciousYou works – it all starts and ends with you being willing to step out of your comfort zone, step up to the plate, face the uncertainty of the world we live in, and take ownership of crafting and building your own future.

Pedagogy for the Future:

Human-Centered, Tech-Powered

AudaciousYou’s pedagogical approach draws on the research and practice of learning engineering which combines learning and human science on development and performance with technology-driven approaches to scale. This is a discipline first coined by leading scholar Herbert Simon and strongly advocated by institutions such as Carnegie Mellon University, MIT Open Learning, and Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

Skills for the Future:

Head, Heart, Hands

AudaciousYou’s Future Skills Framework is rooted in research into skills and competencies leaders globally consider critical to future success:






Social / emotional intelligence

Global Challenges





Complex Systems

Decision-making and Mental Models

Thinking and problem-solving

Foundational Literacies



Emerging Tech

(AI, Blockchain, VR/AR/MR)

Performance and Productivity

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Marketing and Sales

Data and Digital

Future Careers: Wayfinding Abilities

AudaciusYou’s Future Careers Framework helps people navigate the increasing uncertain world of work rooted in wayfinding capabilities experts say are critical for long-term success:

Curriculum for the Future:

Technology, Humanity, Philosophy

AudaciousYou’s curriculum uniquely combines critical fields often left in silos, covering topics most important to success in the future.

emerging technologies defining the future
grand challenges facing the future of humanity
foundational models and frames to navigate a world of complexity


emerging technologies defining the future


grand challenges facing the future of humanity


 foundational models and frames to navigate a world of complexity